Hi Gear Seafood got its start back in 1984 when Tim and Margaret Webster bought their first crab boat, Edgy, and got to work hauling crabs from the chilly depths off southern Vancouver Island.

Flipping forward almost three and a half decades we find them still engaged in the crab industry although no longer actively fishing. At a certain point and with aches and pains of getting older and doing physical work creeping up, it dawned on Tim that there had to be an easier way to secure a supply of crab. Indeed there was, and HGS has since evolved into a business that buys crab directly from the commercial crabbing fleet in BC and passes them on to an ever expanding customer base.


Use the link below to find our book on Amazon. "About Crabs" is a guide to both crabbing and life itself. Who knows, you might even come away with a degree from our university, "F.U." ak Fisheries University. At a mere $8.99 per copy it will come in handy for propping up that wobbly table you have if nothing else.

Fisherman's Wharf in the early 1990s. Tim and Margaret working on the original Hi Gear.

Fisherman's Wharf in the early 1990s. Tim and Margaret working on the original Hi Gear.



As a result of his many years of learning the industry from the inside out, Tim Webster has a real knowledge of what works and what doesn't. He has met and befriended many of BC's top crab fishermen and has since gone on to do business with several. His goal is to procure legally caught, top grade Dungeness from a few quality oriented fishermen. He pays a premium to obtain the hardest and largest crab available on a year round basis.



Crab fishermen understand the importance of nurturing the resource that feeds them. A number of restrictions came about as the result of collaborative consultation between industry and the government and at the suggestion of fishermen.






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