September 8, 2017

The price of crab has been favourable for our customers since about mid-June of this year. At the end of August we watched the shore price shoot up by almost $3.00 lb. It has since retreated slightly with the advent of openings in Washington state and McIntyre Bay here in Canada. The catch rate for the fishermen we work with has been markedly weaker but this has been offset somewhat by the higher ex-vessel price.

The good news is that quality has been consistently excellent and we have been able to secure enough product to fulfill demand. We are seeing quite a number of over two pound crab from our Juan de Fuca fishermen and have been working to find markets for them.

Our friends at Finest at Sea here in Victoria have been offering B grade (missing a claw and/or a leg or two) to their clientele at a very favourable discount. Lots of savvy shoppers have been getting in on the action. These crab provide the same meat yield percentage as the A grade, but at a fraction of the cost. If you're out to impress, they stock our A grade crab as well.

Give us a call for your wholesale crab quote. We have a dedicated refrigerated truck that goes to the lower mainland every Thursday. We also have another that can get there any day of the week if Thursday doesn't work for you. You can  customize your order for crab size (over two lbs and under two pounds). We use couriers and air cargo services and seafood distribution companies to serve the rest of the province.

Our dock sales program was success this summer and we met lots of people down on the docks at Fisherman's Wharf this summer. We are winding things down now but are always around at the plant for those special days when crustacean cravings hit you,




September 8, 2017

lobster prices have been typically on the high side during the summer months. Lobster fishing is closed in most of Atlantic Canada at this point apart from some effort in PEI. As a result prices are up. Quality has remained very good.

Our supplier in Nova Scotia, Ryers, has been doing a great job of sending us some very nice looking and tasting lobster and we have been trying to keep the cost to our customers reasonable. Things will improve on the price side as the winter season approaches.

We would be delighted to cover your lobster requirements. We generally stock 1.0 lb "chix" and 1.5 lb "halves" as well as 2.0 lb "deuces". Give us a shout for a quote for your next promotion or get together of any sort. We offer free delivery of our lobster in the Victoria area as well as truck service to the lower mainland on Thursday.