The retail side of the business has been thriving for 30 years. Most weekends crab and lobster are still sold right off the Hi-Gear. Give Tim a call (2503615846) to see when we will be around next. Fisherman's Wharf is a great place to visit. One can feed the seals, enjoy an al fresco meal and pick up a nice bag of crab or lobster from Hi-Gear Seafood at the same time. Come on down with your questions and cameras.


As a result of his many years of learning the industry from the inside out, Tim Webster has a real knowledge of what works and what doesn't. He has met and befriended many of BC's top crab fishermen and has since gone on to do business with several. His goal is to procure legally caught, top grade Dungeness from a few quality oriented fishermen. He pays a premium to obtain the hardest and largest crab available on a year round basis.

A big part of the business concept is to keep the local crabs local. Fewer fishermen driving truckloads of crab to Vancouver not only saves the crabbers time and money, it also helps in a small way to reduce carbon consumption. Tim enjoys working with customers, both large and small, who subscribe to the concepts of sustainable fishing and buying local food products.

Hi-Gear Seafood has large holding tank systems across the street from Fisherman's Wharf in Victoria. The tanks are made from food grade, virgin plastic and are designed to keep crab and lobster in prime condition prior to distribution. Deliveries are made throughout Greater Victoria using a new, provincially inspected and licensed, food grade refrigerated van. We also offer weekly delivery throughout Greater Vancouver on Thursdays.